maandag 30 juli 2012

Newsea J083 ColorOfWind Retextures with my Pooklet Edits

30 followers gift! (On Tumblr)

This is my 30 followers gift to you guys. The hair textures are orginally pooklet with my edits. Mesh is included and alpha edited by Kotangens. Thanks for that. 
10 colours with different strikes by the colours. 


Kinda coming back

So, I'm thinking about coming back, but not with 24 colours, just a few. 24 are to much to do. I working on a hair right now with my edits of Pooklet's neon. I'll upload them here and on my Tumblr. The orginally hair is by Newsea, Color Of The Wind, only without the heart-looking thing.It included the edited mesh by Kotangens. It will be for download soon ^-^

donderdag 19 januari 2012

Agustins Kate Hudsons Ponytail Pooklet'd

Hi there! As promised, here I've got for you Agustins Kate Hudsons Ponytail in neon colours, and ofcourse there are 24 colours.

Click for fullsize    
And here are all the hairs (in bodyshop):
Click for fullsize

Click for fullsize
And a beter view of the hair textures (their by Pooklet)
Click for fullsize


Upcoming hairs

These are the hairs that are upcoming;

Agustin/Fabulousims Kate Hudsons Ponytail
Newsea SIMS2 Hair J060f SailAway
Peggyzone hairmesh 8098
Peggyzone hairmesh 8048

I do all this in my one,  so thats why everything is during so long. I all ready did the hair of Agustin, just need to make the previews ;)
Thanks for understanding

-xxx- Divas

vrijdag 6 januari 2012

Anto's Yoü And I [neon 24 colours]

Hi all! I've started creating new stuff for TS2. Like recoloring hair. Their aren't not much neon hair colours, so I was thinking, why don't I start with creating neon colours?
Theirs one person who inspired me for this. No idea why, but it's Kotangens.

I couldn't wait for uploading this hair, google won't let me open a blog (he says I'm to young O.o). Well, I tryed to open a blog with a other usher name, called Divas. So I'm now using my other account.

Click on the picture for fullsize

Better view of the neon colours:

Click on the picture for fullsize

Their are 24 colours. See all the colours above^



You can do:
- Include my stuff in .sims2package with your sims.

You can't do:
- Claim my stuff as your own.
- Re-upload my stuff.

I will upload sometimes a model, but please, do not try to recreated my models, I will upload them mabey, but don't do that, when someone does that, I will never gonna upload models that I use. ;)

That's it. Have much download fun ^-^

If you have questions, you can e-mail me